Welcome to TMI Simulation Solutions

TMI Simulation Solutions is a leading service provider of engineering simulation solutions, training simulators and electronic education (e-learning) systems, with local and global experience.

Our Global Experience

Our vision:

“To provide “state of the art” simulation and training solutions”

Our Solutions

Engineering Simulations

TMI Simulation Solutions produces state-of-the-art low and high fidelity real-time simulation systems to solve complex challenges in engineering.

Training Simulators

Companies save more than 40% of their training budget when using simulators instead of real vehicles. It fast tracks skills development and confidence.

E-Learning Applications

TMI Simulation Solutions' e-Learning solutions offer self study and facilitated training with cost effective distribution, unlimited access, tracked progress and automated assessments.

Our Differentiation:

“Our simulation centric processes are used to investigate alternative technologies, concepts and methods in a virtual or synthetic environment, enabling our clients to maintain a competitive advantage.”

Our Clients