Maritime Webinar Series Unlocking Digitalisation's Full Potential

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Promoting Seafarers Welfare: Challenges faced by seafarers and impacts of COVID on ports.

Watch Webinar #1 (14/10/2021)

Women in the Maritime Industry

Watch Webinar #2 (21/10/2021)

Future of Shipping: Digitalisation tools for terminal planning and maritime training. TMI and Akquinet.

Watch Webinar #3 (28/10/2021)

Innovative Cloud-based Training Solutions for Next Gen Seafarers: a collaboration between TMI and Wärtsilä.

Watch Webinar #4 (4/11/2021)

Innovation in Maritime Training: Remote coaching and skills training using AR

Watch Webinar #5 (11/11/2021)

Future of Shipping: Transport resilience in ports and benefits of a future port ecosystem.

Watch Webinar #6 (11/18/2021)

Product Launch: Ship To Shore Crane Simulator.

Watch Webinar #7 (11/25/2021)